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Mathias De Coensel is a 32 years old self-taught freelance photographer and A2 certified drone pilot located in Ghent, Belgium. 

After making a solo roadtrip through the Dolomites (Italy), my love for photography was born. The undulating landscapes sparked my creativity and I wanted to learn everything there was to photography.  After 5 years in the field I have honed my craft and developed a unique style. Along the way I picked up a drone and started exploring from above. This has become my main point of interest at this moment.  In the pandemic I used my free time to study everything there was about FPV drones. From flying them to building my own drones. I can say I am a confident FPV Pilot as well.

With my work I try to evoke emotions by striving for a cinematic look and feel.

If you are interested in working together hop over to the contact page or just e-mail me at

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